Why Kingdom Entrepreneurs?

March 12, 2018

Our business journey has been an adventure, and I can say with certainty that there is more adventure ahead.


Where it all began


Jeremy has owned and operated some type of business from the age of 19. When we married in 2005, it was fitting that I cut my full-time job down to two days a week to allow me the other days to work in the business with him. Not knowing anything about how to run a business, but certainly eager to figure it out.


When I first met Jeremy I discovered quickly, he was a giver. Didn’t matter what it was, he didn’t flinch when God said to give. Owning a business certainly gave us capacity to do this. But it was his gracious heart that would hear from God and obey, no matter what.


When we were married these decisions were now ours to make. So, I needed my faith to catch up with his. But as I watched him give without hesitation, and saw God provide our every need, it wasn’t long before I too was asking God for opportunities.


Throughout the years since, whether business owners or employees, our passion to give his only increased.


The greatest challenge


In 2013, Jeremy found himself out of a job, and struggled to find work for some months. During this time, I was home with our children, our youngest only just born. Finances grew tight and we were struggling. These were some of our darkest days as a married couple. A family to feed and often nothing left in the bank. We stopped asking for opportunities to give to God’s Kingdom as we knew we had nothing.


Bills were mounting and groceries were harder and harder to afford. We prayed and prayed for breakthrough. Until one day, God spoke clearly to us to give a certain amount of money to a friend who was leaving Australia to take up Bible School overseas. The figure was a few hundred dollars, but considering our bank account at the time it may as well have been a million.


Thankfully a week or so prior Jeremy had managed to find some work, we finally had a little bit of money coming in.  And yet it seemed like the moment it would reach us, God wanted us to give it away.


We battled over this one. Everything in the natural told us to hold tight, yet our hearts told us to obey the word from God.  So, we gave it. Just a few days later, God provided Jeremy with some additional work for the week that resulted in us being paid over and above the amount we had given away.


A few months later we started the business we are in now. Having experienced the provision of God during the year prior we knew we needed to operate this business differently. This was going to be a Kingdom Business. One that would make money to bless the Kingdom of God.


How we built our business


Matthew 6:33

But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well.


It is Kingdom first!


We started our business with negative bank balances. We borrowed money from family members to cover our first few months of trading. Everything in the natural was saying that this was not a good time to start a business. However, God had other ideas. He just continued to supply. Not only did He supply work, He also allowed unheard of payment terms to get us running.


We both still become quite emotional when we think back to what God has done. We are so passionate about using what God has given us to expand His Kingdom that we wanted to share it with others. We wanted to share the revelation of a Kingdom focus with more business owners so that together we can make a great difference in our communities, states and countries.


This is why we created Kingdom Entrepreneurs. To gather and equip others to operate in the supernatural.


The mindset shift 


We have had some rough times in business, please don’t think that because we focus on Kingdom that everything is smooth sailing. We face all the challenges that every other business owner faces. Add to that enemy attacks against us personally and our business because of the change we are making.


But we have learnt it’s how you look at the challenges that matters. It’s about your mindset. Do you allow challenges to overwhelm you? Or do you press closer into God and seek Him for His guidance and direction? Easier said than done yes, but step by step making that decision to look to Him is what makes the difference.


Kingdom Entrepreneurs


So, welcome to the Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community. We pray that as we share our stories and experiences you too will be inspired and encouraged to put first the Kingdom of God in your lives and businesses.




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Why Kingdom Entrepreneurs?

March 12, 2018

Our business journey has been an adventure, and I can say with certainty that there is more adventure ahead.

Where it all began

Jeremy has owned and ope...

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